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My Approach

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Lic#106744), I believe in collaboratively working with my clients to help them feel welcomed, happy, and ultimately achieve their goals. My focus is on supporting young to middle-aged adults, couples, athletes, entrepreneurs, and business executives who are adversely affected by the pressures of everyday life.


Additionally, I work with couples struggling within their relationships by helping them identify their negative patterns. We work to unify the relationship while maintaining a sense of individuality. I believe in integrating Emotionally Focused Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, tailoring each session to the individual needs of my clients and essentially restoring a sense of balance and control to their lives.

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and a strong understanding of business, I also work with my clients to identify a healthy balance between work and family. Conflict can often arise due to the demands related to the two areas. Thus, by exploring value preferences and how that relates to one's ability to set boundaries between work and family, we can identify what would work for you. Also, exploring vices, such as substances and the need to work more, will help us identify the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your balance.


My Philosophy


My mission is to provide therapeutic services that support clients in growing communication skills and reducing conflict, particularly in the areas of work and family, to strengthen their sense of connectedness and control over healthy boundaries.

As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village....” Struggling with conflict, unexpected challenges, or issues with peak performance can be difficult. As part of your team (aka village), we can work to address these concerns. There are times that you may experience changes in your sense of self, leading to feeling alone or "weaker" than you are used to. These feelings can take away from your ability to be productive in your daily roles at work, within your family, teams, or other relationships. Strengthening your sense of community (or building your village) and connection with self can help alter your outlook on a situation as well as life overall.

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